Tips for Lose Belly Fat

Who has never dreamed of a perfectly flat stomach? Here are some tips that may help.

Review the contents of your plate: your diet must be balanced and light. Exit fatty products and meals too heavy and filling. Bet on cooked vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Beware, however, of raw vegetables, starches and excess fruit, which can also cause the belly to swell. But no question of eliminating them, just monitor quantities. And precisely, to manage well the quantities and to reduce the portions, think to always eat slowly by chewing at length each bite, which stimulates the state of satiety and favors the intestinal transit.

Drink plenty of water regularly throughout the day. You can vary with broths, herbal teas, tea, but no alcohol or soda. Avoid mostly beer and soft drinks.

Limit the salt that tends to swell via the retention of water (also watch out for coffee!). It is also excellent for avoiding high blood pressure. Besides all these special flat stomach tips are also valid for good general health. Indeed, physical activity and a balanced diet help prevent most chronic diseases: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, etc.

Two last tips:

Avoid chewing gum.
Massage your tummy by performing circular motions with the flat of your hand.

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