6 simple tips to lose weight

It is much easier to lose weight than you think.
Here are 6 simple tips, common sense, the result of my experience in the field

1-Take time to eat (chew food):
This causes the feeling of satiety. A meal should not be less than 20 minutes with short breaks between each dish; yes I know, it is not obvious, but decided to lose weight it is also useless to accept challenge, change habits.

2-Before breakfast:
Daily from sunrise before the toilet, a third of a glass of water in which you mix the juice of half a lemon. If possible hot drink will be represented by tea, not too brewed unsweetened or sweetened with one teaspoon of fructose, if possible black tea.

3-A mandatory snack:
At 11am (except breakfast was consumed at 10am!) :
2 teaspoons fructose jam (strawberry or apricot) on a full or rusk finally a small pot contains no sugar.
Then, at 17:
An apple or a pear to eat quietly, with skin; drink a glass of calcium enriched soya or a glass of water with good c-tablespoon skim milk powder; in this drink mix 2 teaspoons moderately curved protein more than 90%, cf. Details breakfast; a slice of wholemeal toast.

Alcohol: maximum 2 drinks per week, this is a port, a beer, a glass of wine, a large glass of cider; and yes we must make the effort.

motivation must be acquired to implement the strategy I propose. I do not want to talk about diet, synonymous with hassle, frustration, punishment, simply because our balance is based on the respect of a pleasure power.

Sprinkle morning and evening food or dish with wheat germ (the equivalent of a teaspoon); eat morning and evening bag or blister Magnesium if you digestive tolerance permits; In the morning you can eat spirulina (rich in minerals and iron); and evening bulb royal jelly.

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