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Diet is the most famous subject on the internet. Many diet systems are chasing fad diets.

It is a big trouble to distinguish between chasing fad diets and the useful ones.

In this site, we spend a lot of times in sifting through the latest researches regarding weight loss and diet systems. In addition, we follow the celebrities to know the most recent news about workout secrets and diet systems.

There are well-known rules for diet and weight loss; eat small quantities of food and move more than you used to. But these previous rules are not all you should do to lose weight.

There are special diet systems - not fit for everyone -like: Mediterranean diet, Low carb diet,

ketogeny diet, DASH  diet, Alkaline Diet, paleo diet and vegan diet. All these diet systems are famous. But we do not recommend them to everyone, we recommend to choose the diet system that is suitable to you- under supervision of dietarian.

We - here in our site- will make a detailed video for every diet system that mentioned before. Just to explain how it works and advantages & disadvantages of every diet system.

The most useful advice is to be away from the quick weight loss systems. These systems help you losing a great numbers of pounds quickly but you will recover what you lost quickly, too.

Or even re-gain more than you lost. This is known as: YO-YO diet. That is: lose weight quickly and recover what you lost quickly. So, lose weight slowly is the best way to get a permanent weight loss.

We leave you to enjoy watching our video in our Youtube channel: Weight loss tips. (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc8Msyr3dy4Zpg0TLo5CVPw) These are true and tried tips and make you lose weight painlessly. These tips maybe not easy to stick to, but they've worked for us.